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If you are a business owner, marketing director or decision maker in charge of hiring a web design firm - read on!

Before you read any further, this information is strictly for "for profit businesses"  if this web project is related to a personal homepage or hobby, please view our upcoming personale pages section.  Here are a few things to consider when hiring a website design firm.

This information is coming from years of experience in dealing with web designers and building websites that make a profit.  Most website designers are artists and not sales people, makes sense.  As you know artists generally have not been a profit focused group and therefore think in a certain way.  There opinions on design will be steadfast and if you are not careful you could have a website built that will not be as productive for you. 

We have redone hundreds of these websites for customers in the past that have spent thousands of dollars on a website that doesn't do what is supposed to do.  All flash websites are the worst for conversion rates, this does not mean that they do not have a purpose in a marketing plan.  Many flash sites do not load quickly and therefore your visitors will not stick around long enough to see what your product or service is.  Avoid all flash websites if your goal is to produce results. 

The positive of an all flash website is that they can give customers a higher end perception of your business. However, most flash websites frustrate the heck out of users, most people don't have hours and hours of time to figure out your creativity.  Its cute but they don't drive sales.

FACT: You will not find an Internet based company whose business model is generating leads use an all flash website to do so.  So why should you?

Good Website Design is the design that produces the best results.

Get hung up on results not design.  Often what makes sense on the Internet doesn't work and what makes no sense works.  We have had countless experiences to prove this theory. Too many to mention.  Sometimes the world's ugliest websites make the most amount of money. 

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