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The video marketing revolution is here to stay!  We've seen it, Google buys Youtube for 1.6 million and every major search engine is pushing video, look at the top of Google, Yahoo etc and you'll see video tabs there. That is the future of the net!  We are at a point now where marketers can get a jump on the competition  whether it be video marketing for professional services like cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery or real estate or for an online retailer trying to show there products in a better presentation.

We've been creating video marketing sites and refining the process to help our clients and ourselves beenfit from the video revolution.  We've seen much higher conversion rates with video marketing sites and video search engine marketing into sites like Youtube, Google Video, AOL video and Yahoo video as well as many others.  There is an opportunity to capitalize before it becomes mainstream.  Anyone who was marketing on the net 4-5 years ago knows what we are talking about.  If you are new to the net make sure you develop a video presence for your business.  Google will become the largest television network. Bigger than ABC, NBC etc.  the broadband will become more and more refined and verys soon we will be watching HD on our computers. 

People will have more selection when it comes to programming and have access to millions of independently produces shows, documentaries etc. and level the playing field.  The leveling is achieved because many of the non Internet companies that have been doing video production do not know how to effectively market on the Internet and at a price that will be profitable.

We have an in house video production studio to do white and green screen videos and have years of experience marketing professional services, b2b business to business and retail products. The video marketing placement will critical to your success on the web as the content grows as it is for traditional search engine marketing.  There will be natural video placement and paid video placement so you only pay when your commercial or video is played.  Imagine how effective traditional television marketers would be if they only paid when their commercial was viewed from beginning to end.  Instead they paid very high fees for reach and television is costy prohibitive to smaller businesses.  Now SME's can compete in the new media video revolution on the Internet.

If you want to know more about video marketing and placement of your exisiting videos into Youtube, Google, Yahoo etc.  call the number below for more information.

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PS.  Don't judge a book by its cover! This may seem like an unprofessional website but its one of hundreds that we have on the Internet with all different looks and feels, something we can talk about when you call.  :) 

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