Protect Against Negative RateMDs Postings

The Internet has created many positives for businesses including doctors, dentists and MDs of all specialties like plastic surgeons, bariatric surgeons, lasik doctors and more.  It has also become a great place for consumers that purchase products and services because they can compare pricing, read reviews and rate products and services they come across.  The reality however, is not everything you read on a review or rating site like RateMds can be verified because the person making the review can remain anonymous.  What's to stop a jealous doctor or dentist from making a negative post about your practice on RateMDs?  Nothing, there are all kinds of scenarios that can occur, an angry ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse, ex-employee can anonymously start an Internet smear campaign on RateMDs and the information good or bad isn't verified.  The reverse is also true, a doctor listed on a site like RateMDs can have all kinds of 5 star posts from a network of friends that have never received any treatment.  The difference though is the positive posts won't hurt you the negative posts on RateMDs will.

So how do you remove negative RateMDs postings?  Well, its next to impossible to have the negative posting removed from however, there are approaches you can take that will protect your dental / doctor / MD reputation and keep these unverfiied unsubstantiated claims from hurting your business.  That being said, if you did in fact have 1 unhappy patient out of 5000 completely happy patients you can quickly see how the modern era of Internet can change the image of your business overnight. 

The worse thing you can do is fuel the RateMDs page about your practice.  This gives it more relevance in the search results and can pretty much ensure the page is going to rank high for your name.  Give us a call today to learn how you can protect your good reputation from anonymous negative postings on RateMDs . We can't necessarily remove the posting but there are many steps we can take to help you take back control of your brand.

We have heard many stories from doctors and dentists on RateMDS that never even performed the procedure in question, making it very clear the posting was an intentional smear campaign. These posts are many times made by competitors, angry ex-employees, etc.  While we are all for free speech, we definitely want to help those MDs and dentists that are the subject of frivolous complaints on RateMDs call us and tell us your story. We'll let you know if we can help you.

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