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Finding a medical marketing company you can trust to market your plastic surgery practice can be difficult.  How do you decide which plastic surgery directories or marketing programs are worthy of joining?  Well Enhancement Video dot can is your single source solution for marketing plastic surgery on the Internet.  We own our own plastic surgery portals/driectories, we are very familiar with other directories on the market so with our help you can make informed decisions and ultimately get the return on investment you are looking for.

What's New in Medical Marketing for Plastic Surgeons?

You probably heard about the buyout where Youtube was purchased by google for well over 1 billion dollars, well that is the righti
ng on the wall for the next wave of marketing plastic surgeons on the net. Video.  Yes video, this is where all the Internet growth will be over the coming years and now is the time to capitalize on the opportunity.  Video marketing is much more effective for a variety of reasons and the competition is currently less than it is in traditional website search engine positioning.  Does this mean you don't list on traditional plastic surgery directories? No.  What it means is you need to allocate a percentage of your Internet marketing budget to the production of video content for your practice and additional money for the marketing of  the video content aka video search engine optimization.  VSEO. 

Marketing for Medical Practices: Plastic Surgery Internet Advertising.

With Enhancement Video you have many options, our full service marketing is truly single source.  This involves:

- natural search engine positioning and ranking ( optimizing websites for you and using the power of powerful directories  to facilitate patient acquisition)

- Video search engine optimization ( produce marketing videos or use your existing video content for your benefit)

- Pay per click management for google ad words and yahoo search marketing

- website analytics and reporting of statistics to track ROI return on investment

- video website development view some of our dental video websites

We have extensive experience that you will benefit from.

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