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Forums Add Value To Your Website

Accounting Forums

There are many benefits to having a forum on your website.  They provide website interaction with your visitors and can help build up a very niche community on the web.  There are hundreds of thousands of topics that can be discussed.  Take a look at an accounting forums example.  Accounting is a topic that individuals and businesses are always seeking help.  There are also many different forum posts within the accounting world that a person may have interest in.  For example small business accountants specializing in auto body shops are a niche that can open discussion because there are unique areas to discuss.  Therefore a foum is a great place where like minded people can post topics and resources that relate to accountants specializing in auto body shops or reatail clothing etc.. 

Accounting forums are just one example of many.  The bottom line,  the more niche the forum the stickier it will be.  What do we mean by sticky.  Sticky is a term used by internet marketers to refer to the users propensity to stay on a website because it has content that keeps them there.  That content can be articles about a paticular subject, update galleries or photos or in the case of our accounting forums example, content that keeps users coming back.

There are different types of forum software, some are search engine friendly and others are not. 

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