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How To Pick The Best Domain Name

Thinking back to the start of our business, picking a domain name is a fun process.  Domain name extensions have been growing astronomically.  First it was .com then .net and then followed many others .biz .info .org .bz .nu .tv Ok Ok you get the picture there are thousands of domain names still available and its exciting. 

Domain names for search engines used to be ones with a (dash - ) in the between the words of the domain.  For example instead of having all the words in a search string like you might have bought  The dashes used to have some benefit in the search engines but that is rarely seen today, especially since many search engine spammers bought multiple domain names with dashes in them and in many cases the sites weren't those of quality.

Domain Names for Radio or TV Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes non savvy internet marketers do is promote a domain in a radio or tv campaign that can be easily mispelled or forgotten.  Think about your product or service.  Lets use an example of a Italian Restuarant that is doing a radio campaign.  They want to get people onto their website and there actual name is Spuntini Ristorante.  Saying that domain name on the radio is going to come out 100 different ways and it is guranteed to be a misspelled domain name.  So instead of using there actual branded domain name for marketing.  They should get a domain thats easy to say on the radio like. or something thats easy to remember and get to.  It will make sure you don't miss any hot prospects when the people start to hit your site. All you need to do is forward it.

Free Domain Name Consultation

We could type pages and pages of content her on how to buy a domain name.  Picking the best domain?  What domain extension should you use?  and so on.  We will list domain name registrars on this website that you can buy from but if you would like to speak to one of our Internet Marketing consultants and ask us a quick question pick up the phone and call us.  We'd love to help you.

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